Mike Popovici

Mike Popovici
Qi Gong intructor and
Energy Practitioner



After many years working as an engineer, and managing teams of people in the fast paced professional world, Mike chose to start connecting to the spiritual aspects of life and find balance for himself. This journey took him through many forms of practice, at first for finding personal life balance, then emotional healing, and naturally evolving into the spiritual.

His life has taken him from a young rugby playing, scientifically inclined engineer, who loves to work out and enjoy the fruits of physical health and wellness; to an ambitious people leader in the corporate world; to difficulties in life that challenged his mental health and wellness; to starting a journey of discovering various ancient and highly effective healing modalities that helped him break through and come out even better than when he started.

Because of his rich life experience, Mike is able to help bridge the gaps between day to day needs, and understanding how to use Eastern and Western practices for attaining life balance, as well as helping people understand and connect to the spiritual if that is what they want. His full and practical life experience, scientific perspective, as well as a strong spiritual connection help him guide people of all walks of life, and help them learn and discover whatever speaks to them the most.

If you’re looking to find balance in your life, if you’re interested in understanding what the spiritual stuff is all about but need it explained simply and with real life connection, if you’re looking to find emotional balance and personal wellness, if you’re spiritual and want to grow more spiritually, whatever your perspective or your need, Mike is able to guide you through your path.

Mike teaches group, private and corporate Qi Gong, mindfulness, meditation, and life balance classes; and performs group and private energy work, as well as teaching.

Qi Gong:

Qi Gong (also spelled Chi Gong) is a 3000 + year old Chinese art that is the foundation for all Chinese medicine, and it’s what Tai Chi was built on top of. It connects mind to body, re-energizes you, teaches you to understand how to feel the circulation and energy in your body, how to let go of tension as you’re going through your day, and it’s one of the most effective means for those for those that want to learn to meditate but don’t know where to start or find the idea daunting.

Qi Gong combines breathing techniques, gentle movement, meditation, and visualization to promote healing, balance, and circulate your body’s vital energy. And it can be performed by people of all walks of life, all age groups, and all physical abilities.

Why it’s easy: Mentally speaking, Instead of trying to calm your mind by thinking, your mind focuses and clears without effort as you focus on the simple movements of Qi Gong. Physically speaking, the movements can be performed slowly and adjusted for physical limitations if there are any.


Full beginner workshop (contact Mike for availability)
Drop-in classes (Wednesday  7 pm – 8:15 pm)
Qi Gong & Intuitive Energy Treatements (in store, by appointment)
Private classes – by appointment, contact Mike
Group or Corporate event Mindfulness, Qi Gong, Meditation Classes – available upon request, contact Mike
For other energy works, please contact Mike